Final Assignment: Writing Your Own Allegory


Your final large assignment for this course will be to write your own allegory of a historical, political, or social issue that is important to you. What does this mean? To write this allegory you need to identify a problem that you want to bring attention to and then plan and write an allegory for it in the form of a story (like Animal Farm). 

To help you understand this task, think about this example. Your school has a bullying problem, and your school administration isn't trying to fix it. Your principal, in fact, laughs when he sees students being bullied. You could write an allegory of his by creating a cast of animal characters like in Animal Farm. On a farm, the haughty stallions prance and tease the other animals. They dislike how the other animals are all smaller, weaker, and uglier than they are. So, they tease and torment them. The farmer enjoys this as the horses are his favorite. 

Well, you can see where this is going. Think of your issue and plan an allegory for it. It is ok to write about a resolution to the issue in your allegory even if one hasn't been found in real life.


  • Your allegory should be a complete narrative with a problem and solution told with a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Your allegory should also include conflict of some kind (or more than one kind)
  • Your story should include symbolic representations of people, places, and things from real life (i.e. a farm representing a school)
  • Your story must be an allegory of a familiar social, political, or historical issue that people will recognize.
  • Your story should be completed using Google Drive or at least uploaded to a file sharing application that allows you to share the URL of your document with others

  1. Brainstorm ideas for your allegory using the brainstorm sheet or another method of your choosing.
  2. Once you have chosen the issue for you allegory, begin planning your story with a prewriting sheet. Two are available here and here. 
  3. Start a new document in Google Drive titled "Name's Allegory" (or another word processing application and begin writing your story.
  4. When you finish your draft, go to he Module 7 Discussion page and post your rough draft to be edited. 
  5. Using the feedback you receive from the instructor and your classmates, revise and rewrite your allegory into a final draft.
  6. After you finish your final draft, post the URL again, this time in the Module 8 Discussion.
  7. Help at least three of your peers to 
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