What is an argument?

Introducing logical reasoning and arguments

Logical reasoning is what is used to make an argument. Think of it as a "smart" way to argue with someone. When you use logic in an argument, your drawing conclusions from facts or truths that are known and accepted by your audience. While you may not be familiar with this kind of thinking and these terms, you have done logical reasoning before? Yes, really. Anytime you write an essay, especially a persuasive essay, you are using logical reasoning.

To better familiarize yourself with making an argument, read the information and watch the videos below. Then, head to the "Preparing your argument" page to begin work on our assignment for this module.


Now that you are finished, check your understanding by taking the practice quizzes here on the Khan Academy website.

See also this resource to better help you understand how to structure an argument.

Beware of logical fallacies. A logical fallacy is a flaw in reasoning, or a bad argument. Be smart, and don't commit them. See this resource to help.

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