The Allegory of Animal Farm Assignment


We've spent a lot of time now looking at the similarities between Animal Farm and the history of the Soviet Union. In case you forgot, review what you've learned in the first five modules. While there are similarities, does Animal Farm qualify as an allegory?

This is the question you will answer during the assignment below. Read the instructions carefully and then begin working. You should have already organized your thoughts a little on the previous page, but if you haven't, head over that do that first before beginning this assignment.

The Assignment

For this assignment, you will make a presentation that argues Animal Farm is or is not an allegory. Your presentation should be either a slideshow presentation or video that can be shared online (i.e. Google Drive file, YouTube video, etc.) In your presentation, give a logical argument that shows either that Animal Farm is or is not an allegory of Russian history and Communism. When you are finished, share the URL for your presentation in the Module 6 discussion on the next page.

Your presentation should:
  • Your presentation should state your argument
  • Provide facts from the readings to support your argument
  • Be creative and interesting
  • Free of grammatical and spelling errors
  • Have some pictures and interesting visual elements
Your presentation will be graded according to the rubric here.

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