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Module 6: Animal Farm as an allegory

Is Animal Farm the great allegory that it is made out to be?

Now that you have spent all of these weeks reading Animal Farm and learning about Russian history and allegory, it is time to decide just how good of an allegory Animal Farm is. In this module you will be learning about how to make an argument and then make your case for whether Animal Farm is an effective allegory of the Russian Revolution using a slideshow or video presentation. Follow the instructions below to complete the tasks for this module.


Learn about how to prepare an argument

  • After reading the information about making arguments, learn how to prepare your argument here.
  • Complete the graphic organizer and get ready to begin your assignment for this module.

Allegory of Animal Farm Assignment

  • Head to the assignment page and follow the instructions and your planning materials to complete a presentation that lays out your argument for whether Animal Farm is an effective allegory or not.

Module 6 Discussion: Share and discuss your argument

  • After completing your presentation, post it in the Module 6 Discussion forum. After sharing your presentation, give feedback to at least 5 of your classmates. 

I'm done!

When you finish all of the tasks above, review your work to make sure it is the best you can do, make sure all work has been submitted to the correct place, and then click the button below to advance to Module 7.

Module 1: Getting Started