Module 3 Discussion: Animal Farm

For our Module 3 discussion, we will taking a look at the events that are unfolding in our reading. In a new post in the discussion forum below, choose three of the discussion questions below and write a response to each. 

When you are finished, read and respond to at least five of your classmates' posts.

Discussion questions to answer:

  1. Why do you think Orwell makes a big show of how the animals sit in chapter one at the first animal meeting where Old Major shares his dream?

  2. What is the purpose of the marches, the skull of Old Major, and the signing of Beasts of England every Sunday? Why does Napoleon keep this aspect of Animal Farm going even after his takeover?

  3. Why are none of the animals able to figure out that Napoleon is breaking the laws of Animal Farm? What message do you think Orwell is trying to send with this portrayal?

  4. Did Snowball represent a better, more moral alternative to Napoleon, or are the two of the same with just different styles and goals?

  5. Why does Napoleon begin to blame every bad thing that happens on the farm on Snowball and starts writing him out of history?

  6. What role does Squealer play in the novel? Why do you think Orwell included this kind of character? Is there a lesson to be learned? If so, what?

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