Module 1 Discussion: Welcome!

This will be the first discussion of many in this course. A discussion is an opportunity for you to share ideas with and learn from your online classmates. Follow the instructions below, and then add your post and replies to the Icebreaker topic below.


In the discussion thread below, start a "New Topic" with your name as the title. In your post, tell us your name, where you go to school, what grade you are in, what you like to do, your favorite something, and three things you don't like. Next, write 4-6 sentences telling us about a story you liked as a child that you feel could be read allegorically, or has a deeper meaning  that you see now that you are older.

When you are finished with your post, reply to at least 5 of your classmates' topics.

Module 1 Discussion: Introduce yourself

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